My CV (translation Italian-English)







Last Name Michelini
Name Laura
Place and Date of Birth Cento, 27/09/1986
Address Vicolo delle Suore 4, 40066 Pieve di Cento (Bo)
Phone Number +39 3495465967
Marital Status Single
Drive License No
Nazionality Italian



Mother Tongue Italian
Foreign Language (1) English, advanced intermediate level
Foreign Language (2) Franch, intermediate level
Foreign Language (3) Middle Egyptian, good basic level
Foreign Language (4) Greek and Latin, basic level
Computer Skills European Computer License. Good knowledge of MS Office, daily use of internet and knowledge of some graphics programs (Paintool SAI and Photoshop, self-taught).


Daily management of social networks

Social skills Good skills in relating to others and in carrying out tasks in contact with public. I think I have good language skills (written and spoken), with a correct use of Italian grammar and syntax. I also have predispositions in journalism (writing newspaper articles)


Job experiences and stages Stages at high school:

– Travel Agency “Robintour”, Pieve di Cento (Bo), “Damarossa”, San Giovanni in Persiceto (Bo), bar  “Friends”, Castello d’Argile (Bo)


I am supporting some junior high school students for the recovery of school subjects


03/2013-07/2013: Partnership at museum MAGI 900 of Pieve di Cento with the following tasks:

– opening and closing of museum

– host guests

– ticket office

– reception

– secretariat

– independent research on topics relating to authors and museum collections

– fees for administrative office

– cataloging and archiving of documents

– arrangement museum’s library

– managing social networks

– organization events

– communication and contact management

– restructuring, control and storage of Tono Zancanaro’s graphics to create a single rule (self-employment)
03/02/2014-02/02/2015: Job at Cultural Office in Comune di Pieve di Cento  by  National Civil Service with the following tasks:


– organizing cultural activities
– participation in cultural activities organized
– planning and individual research
– communication, management activities calendar

and contacts


– sightseeing tours


– independent educational workshops


Qualifications (by year achievement) 2011/2012: MA in “Cultures and Languages of Asia and Africa” at University of Bologna with 110/110 cum laude and dissertation in Egyptology;


2009/2010: Bachelor in “History of the Ancient World” at the University of Bologna with 103/110 and dissertation in Egyptology;


2005: High school diploma in “Technical tourist services” with 98/100 and term paper in Egyptology;


Career aspirations I want to work and have a career in my field of study, in particular with regard to Egyptology and ancient history. The research work but also public relations, it would be welcome and congenial. Perspectives of working abroad
Hobbies Art, history, ancient languages like hyeroglyph and nahuatl ; reading, writing, travel, Japanese culture and journalism (I have written some articles for a local magazine and received an award as the best product. I also participated in several competitions of creative writing)
Other Completing the course of  “history, theories and techniques of restoration” at University of Bologna, center of Ravenna, degree in Preservation of Cultural Heritage.
I am currently preparing the proposed PhD in Egyptology, both for Italy and abroad.


I run an Italian – English blog entirely dedicated to scientific publications of Egyptology (with some integration about the Arab world) on which I public translations of articles, reports and so on appeared in foreign magazines, with particular reference to AUC publications.


From six months I am a freelance translator (English and French in particular and, sometimes, Spanish).


Available to work and immediate transfer.




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