I’m Tasheryt, a young italian egyptologist. I’m 26 years old and I studied in Bologna. I am recently graduated (MA) and now I would like to attend PHD, not just in Italy, I’m also looking abroad (UK, France in particular).

Ancient Egypt is my life, I’m fall in love with Egypt since I was child. I studied first Ancient History and then Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, with dissertation in Egyptology. I took my degree with the highest grade.

My knowledge of Ancient Egypt is excellent. I studied very well history, archeology, hieroglyphs (Middle Kingdom), cosmology, architecture and so on. My specialty is XVIIIth  dinasty, in particular Amarna Age and the successors, but I like the entire New Kingdom.

Now I’m attending restoration courses in Ravenna and meanwhile I’m planning my PhD.

One more thing: why “tasheryt”? Because this word means in egyptian “the little”, an appellative of Amarna princesses. When I attended the course of Egyptian epigraphy, a colleague nicknamed me “tasheryt”, so this word now is a kind of nickname which I am affectionate

email: kialoverufy@gmail.com
twitter: @tasheryt



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